• Evoc CC 10L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack

Evoc CC 10L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack

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Brand Evoc
So if Evoc's spine-saving FR Protector series of backpacks is for those hardcore folks who need to think about back injuries when they bail, what do the rest of us wear when we're not concerned with such things? You just want to go for a cross-country spin or do some racing, and Evoc wants to be there, too, which is why it makes the Evoc CC 10L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack. The proclaimed "workhorse" of its non-Protector hydration pack line, the CC 10L walks that line between small, marathon- or XC-race day packs and huge, heavy-duty trail trunks. The 10L of volume is just enough for the essentials, with enough room left over to stash some extra gear, tools, and food. There's the roll-out helmet flap when you need it, and the hydration tube for the included 2-liter bladder clamps on the right shoulder, keeping it right where you want it. For other practical concerns, there are dedicated pockets for both your sunglasses and cellphone, and the reflective webbing and taillight clip lend some safety to urban environments, as well. The pack itself is made of a blend of PU-coated ripstop nylons for durability, and behind the highly breathable 3D Air Mesh backing is Atilon foam for support and padding. It's a comfortable, lightweight pack that'll become an asset, both on the trail as well as on your way to and from it. The Evoc CC 10L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack comes in one size and is available in the colors Red, Blue, and Team White.
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