• Exped Synmat 7 Sleeping Pad

Exped Synmat 7 Sleeping Pad

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The Exped SynMat 7 is a compact and lightweight mat for moderate temperature conditions. Instead of the goose down filling contained by many Exped mats the SynMat 7 contains a high quality synthetic filling. This filling makes the mat less expensive than down mats while still offering comfort and protection from the cold. The SynMat 7 has two low profile air valves - one for inflation and one for deflation. The valves' flat shape prevents them from catching on anything and damaging the mat. Baffles throughout the mat prevent cold spots and provide a more uniform cushion than traditional air mats. Other features of this Exped mat include a durable laminated polyester material and a brushed polyester top surface. The top feels comfortable against the skin while also provide slip prevention. The seams are strong and high frequency welded. With an R-value of 4.9 the mat has almost twice as much heat resistance as other mats of the same weight. Since a warm body can lose more heat to the ground than the air a warm mat often means less need for a heavy sleeping bag. It comes with a repair kit containing fabric patches and adhesive.
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