• Water Purification in the EEC

Water Purification in the EEC

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Water Purification in the EEC: A State-of-the-Art Review discusses the results of a survey carried out under the terms of a one year contract (commencing November 1, 1974) awarded by the EEC Commission to the Water Research Center to study and report on the State of the Art of water purification in the nine EEC countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Sweden. This text compares potable water treatment practice in the EEC countries, Sweden and the USA. Proposals are made for a Research and Development program appropriate to the Community for the middle and longer term needs. This book describes the processes employed in the water treatment reflects the emphasis placed on potable water treatment and on the use, particularly, of physic-chemical methods. It briefly deals with the water pollution control legislation and policies adopted in the countries studied. The information is obtained by surveying the literature and by visiting leading water treatment experts in the various countries. Water abstraction sources used in the countries featured in this book are tabulated overleaf in terms of present and predicted use for both groundwater and surface water. This book is of value to environmental scientists, engineers, and researchers.
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